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About Us

Welcome to Eco Crab Industries, where we strive to turn plastic pollution into practical products.  

Tanya, founder of Eco Crab, has been coming to Christmas Island periodically from 2014 and was struck by the island's beauty and sense of healing. Granted a job opportunity to return closely following her father's sudden passing, Tanya moved back to Christmas Island in March 2019. Here she visited the island's Greta Beach first time and noticed the very visible global problem of ocean debris and mass plastic consumption washing ashore. Coincidently the island still had no official recycling operation on the island.

To combat this deficiency and inspired by Precious Plastic, Tanya decided to found Eco Crab to be an active answer to a problem that is not only local, but global, and to show ordinary people can make a difference.

Eco Crab is a transparent one-stop shop where ocean plastics delivered by the global ocean currents to Christmas Island are picked from the beach and transformed into stylish functional products from a cleansed remoulding process.


While closing the loop Eco Crab puts action into its advocacy for the planet and aim reduce human's dependency on virgin materials


Eco Crab Industries will always remain open and innovative, thinking differently to reduce and remove human’s negative footprint and we invite you to join us on our journey to a cleaner  and liveable world.

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