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About Us

Tanya and Jake have been coming to Christmas Island periodically from 2014 and 2011 respectively, however when Tanya moved back to Christmas Island in March 2019, she noticed that the visible problem of ocean waste washing ashore was getting worse and that there was still no official recycling/repurpose operation on the island.

To combat this deficiency, she decided to found Eco Crab to be an active answer to a problem that is not only local, but global, and to show ordinary people can make a difference.

The Eco Crab team are not just collecting rubbish, we are working with like minded friends to stop the source, spread awareness, advocate against new plastic production, and to repurpose the plastic “throw away” in a way that is not easily wasted again.

Where many speak, we act.


While closing the loop and filling the gaps on the circle of action required to fight against the global waste and climate crisis, we are putting action into our advocacy for the planet.Eco Crab is starting the fight at plastic on Christmas Island, but it will not stop there.


Eco Crab Industries will always remain open and innovative, thinking differently to reduce and remove human’s negative footprint on Earth. As it’s journey continues, Eco Crab will take action in other waste streams and lead other remote and rural communities in providing their own answers to the waste crisis.

If you would like to help us achieve our mission, use one of the links below and support us in the way that suits you best.

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