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Welcome to

Eco Crab Industries


Our Mission

Eco Crab aims to demonstrate that the world must and can operate via the merge of sustainable business, sustainable finance and sustainable living.


Transparency, innovation and collective movement remain core characteristics of Eco Crab. 


While closing the loop from ocean plastic to reusable product, Eco Crab puts action into its advocacy in aims to reduce human dependency on virgin materials and misuse of plastic


Eco Crab Industries will always remain open and innovative to reduce and remove human’s negative footprint and we invite you to join us on our journey to a cleaner and liveable world.

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What We Do

At Eco Crab we undertake a number of activities to help Christmas Island combat its plastic pollution challenges.

This includes providing bins for recycling plastic waste, periodic beach cleans at Greta Beach and processing the collected plastic into useful recycled goods.

We are constantly looking for ways to expand and improve our ability to recycle Christmas Island's waste products to ensure a sustainable future for everyone here.

If you are someone with a passion for recycling and helping the environment, get in touch, we would love to hear from you!


Save the Turtles (Literally)

While performing a beach clean on Greta beach, we spotted a lone baby turtle emerging from the plastic debris on its way to the ocean.

We immediately leapt into action, excavating the hatching site from beneath the rubble and clearing a path through the trash to allow the baby turtles a chance to get onto the sand and into the waves.

This episode highlights how important it is to keep the beaches free from plastic waste to allow nature to take its course.

Read about this and more in our blog!

What We Do

Plastic is a Global Issue

The global failure in proper management of our plastic waste is on stark display on our very own Greta Beach in Christmas Island.


Discarded plastic from across the Indian Ocean ends up here, forcing the red crabs to stumble across expanses of rubbish to reach the ocean.

Prospective sea turtle mothers exhaust themselves attempting to dig through the plastic detritus to lay their eggs in the vain hope that the babies will be able to parkour through the obstacle course once they hatch.

Learning more about this issue is essential if we hope to take steps to address this global problem.

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