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Saving the Turtles (Literally!)

From Trapped to Freedom

Do you love turtles? We believe these little guys are #borntobefree not born to be trapped.

We were performing one of our Beach Cleans on Greta Beach and were just about to leave when I spotted a turtle powering its way towards the ocean.

We leapt into action, clearing a path for them to get to the ocean through all of the debris that has accumulated on the beach.

Can you hear a scream in the background? This is when Tanya found the nest, finding more baby turtles to help!!

18 out of 20 we found required assistance to reach the water’s edge due to unnatural foreign Marine Debris and ocean plastic obstacles from the Indian Ocean

In natural circumstances, our beautiful turtles can live up to 80 years, travel thousands of kilometres with the mamas always returning to their birthplace to nest. The ones that make it this far are 1 in a thousand naturally. So how about give our #endangered #littlefriends a hand, #rethinkplastic #bethechange and keep fighting for a #sustainablefuture

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