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Great Northern Cleanup Christmas Island

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Big thank you to the legends who took part in the Great Northern Cleanup at Dolly Beach, Christmas Island

Our Dolly Beach is one of our prized island gems and looks like something out of a movie.

It’s a 2km jungle trek from the car park (with boardwalk of course).

Also, Dolly is a popular turtle , coconutcrab and seabird habitat .

What we collected was international waste that was washed ashore eg, plastic bottles, lids, shoes, styrofoam, rope, straws, lighters, soft plastic, and hard plastic fragments.

We collected:

Reusable (can be recycled)

Number of sacks collected: 33

Total weight: 119.5


Non- Reusable

Number of sacks collected: 38

Total weight: 126.5kg


Number of sacks collected: 71

Total weight of above: 246kg

We did such a good job the volunteers were able to sightsee and take a dip.

This event, which has transformed our Dolly Beach, was hosted but our Christmas Island shire and supported by:

Eco Crab Industries

National Parks Australia

Island Care Christmas Island

Australian Federal Police

Christmas Island Tourism

Christmas Island Resource Center

and our wonderful community and visitors

Please rethink what you buy, where you buy it and know where it goes so it does not become someone else’s problem.

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